You never know what u are capable of doing until you start doing what you think you’re incapable of doing. For example, when we stayed in our hometown in Mississippi, my wife wanted a porch/ deck built onto the front of our home. I told her let’s find someone to do it,but she wanted me to do it. Now keep in mind I never built nothing in my life, so I’m thinking like you must be crazy lol. So as time past I began to think about doing it, plus we could save some money too.  Therefore, I began looking up how to build the porch and what material I would need to do the job. So one day my wife came home from work, I said to her,  “Let’s get the material for the porch/deck.”  We bought the material and I began building the porch/deck. As I build and learn more, I became more confident. It took me three days before I finished, but when the job was done I was proud of myself. Not only that, a couple months later I built a bigger one on the side of the house too. Some people in my hometown wanted me to build them one also. “I wouldn’t have known what I was capable of doing if I hadn’t started doing what I thought I was incapable of doing.”   (S/O to my wife for encouraging me)


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