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***To Progress takes a Process, in which takes Participation*** -Freddie B

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★★★To Progress takes a Process in which takes Participation★★★
                    Freddie B

★★★ To Assume without asking is like having a nightmare before having a dream★★★
                   Freddie B



You thought forgiveness was difficult to do without feeling pain…..
Until you forgave then you realized forgiveness released the pain…..

You thought trusting would make you weak with unstable thoughts…..
Until you start trusting then you realized you was being strengthen with stable thoughts…..

You thought fear was a source of guidance keeping you from failure….
Until you realized the guidance of fear was the leader to failure…..

You thought love was a well known emotion that paralyzed the heart…..
Until you realized the emotion of love is what moves the heart…..

You thought! You thought! You thought
Until you realized everything wasn’t what you thought……

Freddie B



You never know what u are capable of doing until you start doing what you think you’re incapable of doing. For example, when we stayed in our hometown in Mississippi, my wife wanted a porch/ deck built onto the front of our home. I told her let’s find someone to do it,but she wanted me to do it. Now keep in mind I never built nothing in my life, so I’m thinking like you must be crazy lol. So as time past I began to think about doing it, plus we could save some money too.  Therefore, I began looking up how to build the porch and what material I would need to do the job. So one day my wife came home from work, I said to her,  “Let’s get the material for the porch/deck.”  We bought the material and I began building the porch/deck. As I build and learn more, I became more confident. It took me three days before I finished, but when the job was done I was proud of myself. Not only that, a couple months later I built a bigger one on the side of the house too. Some people in my hometown wanted me to build them one also. “I wouldn’t have known what I was capable of doing if I hadn’t started doing what I thought I was incapable of doing.”   (S/O to my wife for encouraging me)